Accounting Services

Accounting Services

  • Start-up accounting and liquidation/closing of business
  • Monitoring, restructuring and supervision of accounting and payroll departments - Introduction of new structures (procedures, controls and IT systems) - Supervision of bookkeeping
  • Payroll services in accordance with Greek labor legislation
  • Drafting and analysis of financial statements in accordance with local commercial and tax laws
  • Drafting of financial statements according to Greek GAAP, IFRS or US GAAP
  • Conversion of Financial Statements from Greek GAAP to IFRS or US GAAP
  • Seminars relating to accounting, taxation and payroll topics tailor-made for personnel in the accounting department
Tax Services

Tax Services

  • Supporting work on tax issues in the process of establishment of domestic and foreign entities
  • Preparation and submission of tax returns (for income, VAT, payroll withholding tax, tax on real estate etc.)
  • On-going tax support and advice 
  • Ensuring the Company's compliance in accordance with Greek tax laws, record findings and potential risks and providing settlement proposals
  • Tax planning
  • Preventive Tax Audits (simulation) and support during a tax audit from the tax authorities
  • Mergers - Acquisitions - Disposals - Valuation
  • Transfer Pricing
  • Monitoring of the on-going legislative changes on fiscal issues
Business Consulting

Business Consulting

  • Analysis of financial statements
  • Drafting of business and strategic plans
  • Business restructuring and cost-cutting
  • Drafting and update of internal operation regulations - Design of adequate internal control auditing mechanisms
  • Advice, financial reports and management of folders for participation in National and European Subsidies Programs
  • Out-sourcing of financial management in the restructuring, management and negotiation of existing loans from financial institutions
  • Accounting and tax advice in the shipping industry (management companies established in Greece under the provisions of Law 89/1967, shipping companies operating in Greece under Law 959/1979 and ship-owning companies)

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